Land of the living objects

2020 One Nest Stand #30: Some World Futures
Location: Nest, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20-B
Date: 27 november 2020
Photography: Charlotte Musk

The sculptural installation 'Land of the living objects' touches upon forms of dealing and healing through losing. During my work process, I was inspired by one of the first female Utopian writers Margaret Cavendish (1623-1673). Aware of the limitations of her time, Cavendish created a fictional world where woman could rule, were respected and she could be an Empress.

In my practice one can find similarities to Cavendish in the idea of wanting to escape into an alternative reality rather than accepting the rules of the actual world. The installation consist out of a video and several sculptures. The video tells the story about a girl trying to escape, getting lost and finding herself in a world where she is satisfied again. A world where people become immortal as their spirits can reincarnate in vessels created by the memories of the woman. 
Stills from video Land of the living objects